Break the Cycle
of Midlife Misery!

You’re trying to break free, but…

You’re overwhelmed – your mind spins and projects go unfinished.

Negative self-talk is your go to: ‘I’m not good enough’.

You prioritize loved ones, but keep yourself at the bottom of the list.

All of this drains your energy (and you don’t sleep well to begin with).

You know you deserve more and what better time than now.

I bet you’ve tried everything to feel better.

Exercise, journaling, logging your steps, eating healthier, thinking positively, drinking water, meditation, medication, podcasts, therapy, or more.

These all help temporarily, but then you slip back into the same old patterns.

You’re not alone.

I’ve struggled with and tried all of the above to pull myself out of my misery pit. At my lowest, I was drained by mid-afternoon and spent all my extra time on the couch.  

That was until I found coaching and once I found coaching,

I found peace. I found myself.

Photo of Christine Terranova

I’m Christine Terranova

As a midlife woman like you, I know the importance of feeling positive, energized and loved. That’s why I designed this 5 phase program called Transformative Self-Care. It will lift you out of your misery pit and transform you into the self-confident, strong woman you truly are.

These results are within your reach 


Being at your best to care for yourself, your family or community.


Ready to try new activities and tackle challenges head on and without fear.


Devoting quality time to yourself consistently will keep your cup full.


Finding happiness and gratitude in your day and the relationships that matter to you.


Lessen overwhelming thoughts, enjoy peace of mind and make room in your day to rest.


Loving who you are will attract people who respect your value. 

And the list will grow – you will find your results are personalized to you.

Are you ready to put yourself first?

Check out what we’ll cover in this 6 month, 5 phase program:

Discover Yourself

The process of becoming aware

  • Identify how your core values influence and motivate you
  • Acknowledge limiting beliefs and how they’re holding you back
  • Clarify your goals according to your current joys, desires and passions
  • Understand the meanings behind your actions, thoughts and emotions

Care for Yourself

The process of being gentle and kind

  • Give yourself permission to rest without guilt
  • Recognize and transform the thought patterns that don’t serve you
  • Overcome self-defeating behaviors with compassion
  • Learn how to keep yourself grounded

Love Yourself

The process of cherishing you

  • Manage your feelings of overwhelm
  • Lean into the power of vulnerability
  • Respect and communicate with your emotions
  • Improve your relationships by keeping your cup full

Believe in Yourself

The process of trusting

  • Free yourself from unrealistic high standards
  • Make mindful decisions in each present moment
  • Ride your ups and downs with confidence 
  • Align your beliefs, thoughts and actions with your goals 

Embrace Yourself

The process of accepting your worth

  • You show up as the real authentic you.
  • You know how to accept your limits and love your strengths.
  • You feel worthy of the love and respect that people have for you.
  • You radiate love, peace and joy!

So you can rock on!

When I work with Christine I always feel safe to share even my innermost thoughts and feelings because Christine listens with compassion and she asks me questions that help bring a new perspective to even the most challenging situations. Christine supports me as I take steps toward my goals and when my focus strays, she gently guides me to get back on track. After each session with Christine, I feel hopeful and excited to continue working toward my goals with renewed energy and often a powerful new perspective. Coaching with Christine is a profound experience and I highly recommend her as a coach.

Sarah R.

Exclusive Bonus

Receive my Rest, Reflect and Recharge E-course and Workbook for FREE!

This is a three week self-study course that teaches you how to add conscious pauses to your daily routine – it’s the first step to re-energizing your whole self. You will learn to replace negative thoughts patterns with love, gratitude and peace.

Containing information, instructions, action steps, prompts and more, you will begin to lessen your overwhelm and increase your positive thoughts, leading you to your first burst of energy and motivating you to take further action.

Transformative Self-Care

You’re Worth It!

This program is valued at $7,327.

For a limited time get it for 30% off!

6 Monthly Payments of



Save an extra $1,000 (pay in full)


Let me create your own personal self-wellness program that will change your life. This 6 month program includes:

Personalized Coaching

Customized Authentic Care Plan

A personalized self-care plan that you actually want to take action on! It’s built off of your needs, wants, goals and abilities. Feel confident and energized as you do what’s right by your own body, mind and spirit.

Personalized Coaching

Personalized Coaching

Over 20 hours of private 1:1 Self-Care Coaching sessions where we talk about your goals, connect the dots and enjoy the lightbulb moments. This is the heart and soul of the program and will take place virtually in a safe, secure, non-judgy space. 

Connect the Dots

Wellness Toolkit

Part e-book, part workbook, it contains supplemental material that you can use during and after the program. It’s packed with checklists, prompts, tips, quotes and educational info to keep you motivated and moving forward.

Individual Support

Individual Support

You’ll receive weekly emails filled with guidance, homework check ins, accountability reminders and encouragement! I’m also available by text to answer any burning questions, but mostly to send happy emojis to cheer you on! 🙂

Goal Setting

Personalized Resource List

A customized list of resources pertaining to topics that come up during your sessions. It will contain websites, books, courses, workbooks, products and more. Find all the info in one document tailored to you.


Exclusive Discounts

Be the first to know! You’ll receive advance notice and special discounts on future programs, e-courses, special sessions and more!

Are you ready for the transformation?

Risk Free Guarantee
Try before you Buy: If after 1 hour of your first session, you are not happy – we’ll end the session right there and you’ll receive a full refund. 

A little about me

I was in my late 40’s, too tired to want to socialize or clean my house. I wasn’t sleeping and I was stressed out – spending all  my extra time on the couch. 

I thought about how I took care of my daughters and husband and gave myself permission to do the same for me. That meant rest – whenever I felt like it. I also got some professional help for my sleep and anxiety issues and continued my self-care routine with meditation, exercise, and cleaner eating. I felt better and I was less stressed. 

I started to reflect inward – rediscovering my true self through new mentally healthy self-care habits such as inspirational reading, journaling and hiring a coach. Together these habits helped me to learn that I am an overfunctioner, a people pleaser and a perfectionist. But through being coached, I’ve also learned to welcome those parts of me and take note of when they are present. 

My thinking has switched from negative and self-critical to positive and self-aware.

I took the time to put myself first and today, I am the best version of me and that directly affects how I am as a mother, wife, friend, coach and community member.

We all want to be at our best for our families, and to be at our best, we need to put our own self-wellness first.

Let me help you fill your cup and transform through a deeply compassionate self-care routine.

Christine has helped me to see those parts of myself that have been calling to be seen; I’ve been able to recognize my passions, and accept my “shadow” parts with love and a willingness to grow. These sessions have been valuable to me and rich with insight. I’m grateful for Christine’s support, experience, and kind heart through this process.

Juanita T. 

Who am I?

I’m Christine Terranova. I have spent over 25 years using my communication and problem solving skills to build connections as a Client Relationship Manager for several small businesses. Now, I use my interpersonal abilities to connect with women (and some men) that are ready to make a change in their midlife by putting themselves first. 

I am a Whole Person Certified Coach, Certified Professional Coach and a Trauma Informed Coach through Coach Training World.

By December of 2022, I will be a Certified Mastery Method Coach through the Institute of Coaching Mastery and I continue to use my own coach to help me battle my overwhelm and connect with my free-spirit, among other goals. 

As a lifelong learner, I continue to expand my coaching education; researching and adding new tools and techniques to my program to help my clients become their best selves. 

I founded Choose Good Coaching to help women make good choices for themselves. I look forward to inspiring you, too.

Certified Professional Coach Badge
ICF Member Badge
Whole Person Certified Coach

Christine has an infectious smile and laugh. You are immediately at ease with Christine, as if you were lifelong friends taking time to catch up. She’s so easy to share things with, accepts who you are, acknowledges the pain you’ve experienced, and the goals you want to achieve.

Nikki H. 
North Carolina

Frequently Asked Questions:

Choose Good Coaching currently accepts Paypal or Stripe at the time of checkout. If you prefer Venmo or Square, please contact me first at (new email address).

Full payments are due at the time of enrollment. Monthly payments will be due before your first session of the month.

I offer a Risk Free Guarantee. An hour into our first session, if you are not happy, we’ll end the session there and I’ll refund the money that you have paid. 

If you decide further into the program that coaching is not for you or you aren’t ready to be coached, you may request a pro-rated refund for any unused sessions. You may keep any supplemental material you’ve already received, but forfeit the right to any undelivered materials.

As a reminder, due to the personalized nature of this coaching program, the results experienced by each client may vary significantly. The more effort you put in, the more you will get out of it. 

As a courtesy, I ask that if you decide the program is not working for you that you contact me and let me know. I’m not in to Ghosting. 

As an alternative, you may donate your remaining sessions to a woman in need of coaching. 

You’ll receive reminder emails and the opportunity to reschedule. Because my time is as precious as yours, I appreciate at least 24 hours notice of a reschedule.

I understand that emergencies happen, but if emergencies become habits, then I reserve the right to charge a no show fee of $50 for each session missed.

You found me, my site and this program – I believe your intuition is telling you something. It’s not always easy to figure out what is going on in your midlife. You don’t feel the same as you once did, and as a culture we don’t give ourselves permission to put our wellbeing at the top of the list. 

I was spiraling downward and had to work to get myself up and out of the misery pit before I even realized that I was feeling depressed, so if you are feeling miserable – let’s find out why! 

If you are resonating with anything on this page – then you are ready to embrace yourself with compassion and take control of your self-wellness and your happiness.

It’s my own personal name for all the different types of self-care that are important to your whole wellbeing. 

Physical self-care focuses on the activities you do to keep your body healthy. 

Mental self-care centers on the exercises that you do to stimulate and/or quiet your mind; creating awareness.

Emotional self-care is made up of the connections and reflections you make between your feelings, inner thoughts and actions. 

Social self-care is your engagement with the important loved ones in your life and community. 

And the intent of spiritual self-care is to nurture something else within you – it doesn’t have to be religious but you’ll find it is special to you. 

I am welcoming and easy going. As your coach, I provide a safe and secure (online) environment. Each session will focus on you. We’ll start with a grounding exercise and you will be asked questions that will help you identify your current goal and obstacles. 

You’ll become aware of how your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions are affecting you and together we’ll devise a plan and action steps for you to take between your sessions. 

Each session is different depending on what you need at that time, but you will come out feeling better than when you went in!

Whole Person Coaching® is a holistic coaching method based on the premise that when you come to know, embrace and express all aspects of your whole self, you are positioned to thrive in any aspect of life. You become rich in resources, grounded in your being, and at peace within.

From this embodied understanding of your whole self, you can easily and effectively draw upon your deepest wisdom to overcome any stopping blocks and achieve what matters most to you. From our work together, you will emerge well equipped to be highly effective in any aspect of your life.

Sessions are carried out via Zoom or Google Meet, if you prefer. You’ll receive check in emails from me between sessions and will be able to reply to those. I’m also available through text on What’s App. DM’ing me through Instagram will also work. 

We’ll find the way that works best for you!

Let me know where you are right now.

To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. When you are born a lotus flower, be a beautiful lotus flower, don’t try to be a magnolia flower. If you crave acceptance and recognition and try to change yourself to fit what other people want you to be, you will suffer all your life. True happiness and true power lie in understanding yourself, accepting yourself, having confidence in yourself.

Master Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh