About Me

I was in my late 40’s, too tired to want to socialize or clean my house. I wasn’t sleeping and I was stressed out.

I was crying on the couch one day. I didn’t even understand why, but a voice within me encouraged me to ‘be strong’ and I felt the urge to do anything to make myself feel better. Anything. 

I thought about how I took care of my daughters and husband and gave myself permission to do the same for me. Putting myself at the top of my to-do list and creating a self-care routine that worked for me.

That meant rest – whenever I felt like it. I got some professional help for my sleep and anxiety issues and continued my self-care routine with meditation, exercise, and cleaner eating. I felt better and I was less stressed. 

When I turned 50, I woke up to this quote on my birthday:


“Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.” 

– Jenn Proske

This quote filled me with love. It helped me to understand that I needed to embrace myself, love exactly who I am and love all of my journey. I felt ready to look forward to the future with love and excitement instead of worry. And I wanted to share this self-love with others.

I found a spiritual coach and she helped me to reflect inward – rediscovering my true self through new mentally healthy habits such as inspirational reading, journaling and mindfulness. 

Together these habits helped me to learn that I am an overfunctioner, a people-pleaser and a perfectionist. But I’ve also learned to welcome those parts of me and take note of when they are showing up and blocking me from moving forward.

Now I am able to see and feel when I am overwhelmed, doubting myself or pushing myself too hard. Through coaching, I’ve learned to take my awareness and acceptance of these feelings and take aligned action – creating new and healthy reactions to overcome my blocks.

I was inspired to become a coach myself and have since become a Certified Professional Coach, a Whole Person Certified Coach, and a Trauma Informed Coach. Soon, I will be a Certified Mastery Method Coach – able to help my clients deeply transform from the inside out. I’ve also recently become a Certified and Licensed Hypnotherapist to help my clients go even deeper into their subconscious to release old patterns and wounds.

What I love the most about coaching has been somatics (your mind-body connection), literally feeling how overwhelm affects my body. Knowing how to safely sit with those feelings and put words to those sensations has been life changing. I am able to instantly know when I am feeling anxious or angry and I know what I need in each moment to help me move through my emotions.

Through this awareness and connection to my feelings and emotions, I am able to accept myself as is and move forward with aligned action – taking big or small steps toward my goals – and you can too! 

Continuing to deeply and compassionately care for myself has transformed my life. I live life as the best version of me and that directly affects how I am as a mother, wife, friend, coach and community member.

The more I continue to care and love for myself, the more that light and love shine outwards touching others. 

It is my purpose to help women (and anyone identifying as) going through their own midlife struggles. I support them as they learn to compassionately care for themselves and loving who they see.

To be at our best for our families and loved ones means we need to put our own mental, physical and spiritual well-being first.

It’s never too late in life to love you. Start now – give yourself a hug and see how it feels.

Fun Facts:

I’m an introverted free-spirit (yes, it’s a thing)

I love the ‘Woo’ (and I’m always looking to bring more into my life)

I’m a dancing, messy baker (nobody wants to see this)

I’m an imperfect entrepreneur (learning and growing everyday)

I’m not religious (but spirituality is my jam)

I’m an Enneagram 9 (optimistic and easy-going but lose energy quickly)

I’m a fulfilled coach (I found my true purpose)

I’m a self-care, self-growth, self-love junkie (a life long learner)


2024: Certified and Licensed Hypnotherapist through MindWorks Therapy Training

2022-23: Studying the Mastery Method with the Institute of Coaching Mastery under Alyssa Nobriga

December 2021: Certified Trauma Informed Coach with Coach Training World (CTW)

April 2021: Whole Person Certified Coach with CTW

January 2021: Certified Professional Coach with CTW

August 2020: Owner/Founder of Choose Good Coaching

Over 30 years (yikes!) of Client Relationship Management for various small businesses

Mom, Wife, Free-Spirit encouraging women to live their truth