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Love Yourself. Take the first step – I dare you.

“It all starts from one point.”

This is the message I received while taking a walk and listening to the audible book by Gabrielle Bernstein [You are the Guru]. She guided me through a stillness meditation – which was kind of ironic since I was walking – but I made it work. 

“In stillness, you will receive.” -Gabrielle Bernstein

After talking me through the ‘so-hum’ meditation technique, she asked me to stay quiet in stillness for a few minutes. Here, I was able to stare at a fixed point as I walked forward.

Closing my eyes for a few seconds at a time – I saw an image of a starburst (in space, not the candy),  and the first thought that came into my mind was ‘It all starts from one point.’

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I was born from love, raised with love, fell in love. I share my love with others, created my daughters with love and most recently I’ve discovered how important self-love is. 

Self-love is putting yourself first. 

Show compassion towards yourself. Loving you for who you are. Put yourself, your thoughts and your health first.  

We should learn to love all of ourselves – even the parts that we might not think are so great. Loving those imperfections teaches you unconditional love. Nobody is perfect and who wants to be, anyway. We are all unique and that is beautiful. 

The First Step

Take the very first step to loving yourself unconditionally. 

Take one minute to breathe in love for yourself. 

Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and say ‘I love myself’. Take a few more breaths and each time you breathe out, say it again. 

I love myself exactly as I am. I love myself for being me. 

This is the easiest way to start. Just taking a few minutes a day to express the love you have for the only you there is.

It all starts from one point – inside me, inside my heart. 

I’ll breathe the love in and continue to embrace myself and when I breathe out – I will radiate that love and beauty outward. 

photo: Raychan, Unsplash

It all starts from one point. 

I could take this to mean a few different things, as it would have a unique meaning for each of us, but I immediately had two thoughts about the phrase. 

First – it all starts from the center, the energy of the universe. 

Second – it all starts from me, the center of me, my heart.

What is the ‘it’? Could be love, energy, strength, thoughts, compassion, goodness, life – again, each person will identify uniquely with their own message.

For me, the ‘it’ is love. Love is the energy of the universe – stronger than any emotion or force.

Love is powerful. 

Tapping into that love will fill you with positive energy and thoughts.

photo: Giulia Bertelli, Unsplash

Join me. It all starts from one point – inside you, inside your heart. 

Breathe the love in, fill your heart and body with love’s energy. 

Embrace yourself with positive thoughts and when you breathe out – you will radiate all your love and beauty with the world around you. 

Repeat daily – I dare you.

Find the free spirit within your heart.

Your family values you. It’s time you value yourself.

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Are you ready?

Christine Terranova

Christine Terranova

Certified Whole Person Coach

She coaches midlife women and moms to value who they are with her program Embracing You, in which women learn to love and accept their whole selves through a personalized holistic self-care routine – combining mental and physical self-care. They find themselves feeling valued, worthy and re-energized.