I'm guiding women like you - in their midlife - to find clarity on their desires, deepen connections to their inner knowing, and summon the courage to move forward boldly in their authenticity.











I know how you feel, I’ve been there too.

I was 48. Spending all my extra time on the couch. Completely unmotivated and exhausted. I felt overwhelmed when tackling projects.

I’d raised two wonderful humans and was happily married with a good job.

But I felt completely lost. Unsure of what was wrong and what I wanted to do with my life. 

All I knew was I wanted to feel better.

Hi there! I’m Christine,

I’m in my 50’s. I battle overwhelm and anxiety, but I continue to come out on top by compassionately caring for myself – inside and out.

I’m a Certified Whole Person Coach and Hypnotherapist living my purpose helping you to deeply and intuitively reconnect with your body, mind and spirit – your truest self.

I’m a lifelong learner who is currently studying Mastery Method Coaching under Alyssa Nobriga

Do you often feel overwhelmed by projects that ‘shouldn’t’ be hard?

Are you afraid to try new things because you might not do them perfectly?

Do you feel stuck, lost or restless – especially while you watch others  seemingly have a ‘perfect’ life?

These feelings are normal for anyone in their midlife and you might not see them for what they are until you are through them.

Loss of identity was the biggest for me – who was I if my 16 and 18yo daughters didn’t need me as much? Am I someone other than ‘Mom’?

I can help you move from these feelings of loss, regret, lack of purpose to feelings of peace, joy, confidence and more. You’ll move from surviving midlife to thriving beyond midlife!

A little secret to start – you are perfect exactly as you are! Your life’s journey has brought you right here to this moment – it’s a beautiful moment of awareness! If you know something is not right in your life – you are awakening to your truth. 


The more you tap into your inner wisdom, the stronger your sense of calm, energy, and connection with loved ones will become.

With my 3C’s method, you’ll gain clarity on your desires and needs, connection to your inner child, soul-self, loved ones, and the courage you need to move forward authentically. 

The best part? Slowing down – wayyyyyyy down. You’ll give yourself permission to rest and reflect. 

Together, we’ll dive in to your inner world – the world where you have the answers and cannot take any wrong steps. It’s the world where we heal old wounds and patterns that don’t serve you any longer. I will help you heal from the inside out. I will help you love exactly who you are. 

When you put yourself first and keep your cup full, you’ll feel less overwhelmed, more energized and feel in control of your reactions and your life.


In the process, you’ll listen to your intuition and let it guide you forward through the best years of your life!

You’ll feel a renewed sense of purpose, be in control and feel confident to make any life changes going forward. 

The relationships you have – with your family, friends, community and yourself will improve for the better.

It all starts here!