-My intuitive process empowers midlife women and new life coaches to approach their daily lives and entrepreneurial ventures with revitalized energy, clarity and a sense of purpose. -I help you to fill your cup, keep it topped off and have enough to share with your loved one and clients.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the smallest activities?

Are you a perfectionist, a people-pleaser, an overthinker?

Do you lack energy and frequently feel unmotivated?

I know how you feel, I’ve been there too.

I was running on fumes. I felt worthless. There was nothing else I could do but embrace myself with compassion and care for myself as much as I did for others. 

I spent time on me, deeply caring for myself as much as my family did, and it has led me here – to helping other women feel seen, heard and nourished. Compassionately caring for yourself allows you to continue caring for your loved ones all by putting yourself first.

Hi there! I’m Christine,

Mom of two – nearing the empty-nest stage

– Midlife woman who battles overwhelm and anxiety, but continues to come out on top by continuing to compassionately care for herself

Certified Whole Person Coach living her purpose helping you to deeply and intuitively self-care for your body, mind and spirit

You often feel overwhelmed by small things and you cringe after one of your ‘fly off the handle’ moments.

You can change those reactions by caring for yourself. 

Within my program, Intuitive Self-Care, you’ll discover that Self-Aware is the new self-care.

You’ll give yourself permission to rest and reflect on what feelings and emotions are present for you. 

Together, we’ll integrate a personalized, deeply intuitive self-care routine into your daily life. It is customized to your needs, your desires and your goals. 

When you meaningfully care for yourself first, you’ll feel less overwhelmed, you’ll gain confidence and feel in control of your reactions and your life.

You’ll feel worthy of love and re-energized to keep doing the things you love and to cut out the things that are only holding you back.

In the process, you’ll listen to your intuition and let it guide you forward through the best years of your life!

You will fill your cup, keep it topped off and have enough to share with others.

The relationships you have – with your family, friends, community and yourself will improve for the better.

Take good care of yourself –

You are worth it!